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Welcome to NY CBR Rescue!                            ~ updated March 2017 ~

   We are a non-profit rescue group in New York State dedicated to rescuing Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in need and placing them in responsible loving homes. The rescued dogs come from animal shelters, owners who no longer can care for them in a responsible way, or are strays found wandering at large.

   One of our goals is to educate people about the special qualities, characteristics and needs of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Our volunteers, some with over twenty years experience in breeding, raising, showing, and training Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, are available to provide advice to current owners of Chesapeakes so that problem behaviors are addressed before a dog is abandoned.

  NY CBR Rescue, Inc. is affiliated with the national rescue organization, ACC Rescue. Our volunteers work with shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals who need help in placing or evaluating a Chesapeake


Hogan is a 7/8 year old who is real sweet and will make a great buddy dog to follow you around and hang out. Loves children and good with other dogs. He deserves a loving, kind home who will love him forever.

Click HERE to view more photos of Hogan

   If you are a Chesapeake Bay Retriever owner and reside in New York State, please consider supporting Chessie rescue or becoming a rescue volunteer. If you are thinking of becoming a Chessie owner, then do consider a rescued dog. Remember, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are genetically different from Goldens or Labrador Retrievers and cannot be compared to these breeds. The unique traits of a CBR require thoughtful consideration before ownership. Our volunteers are happy to help you learn more about the breed.

   If you would like to support our rescue efforts, then please contact our headquarters: (607) 535-7069 or 
NY CBR Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Donations to support our Chessie rescue efforts are welcomed!

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